RETEX is an innovative superior construction panel made of 100% recycled textiles

RETEX is designed to replace plywood, OSB, LVL and other types of construction paneling made from wood, PVC and other materials. The panels are made of shredded textile waste that has been pressed and bonded together in a proprietary manufacturing process.

The panel itself can be recycled into a new product, which supports the circular economy model. RETEX panel is superior to existing wood structured board products. The material is stronger, longer-lasting and fully mold, water and fire-resistant. RETEX represents a paradigm shift in construction technology.

RETEX mission is to bring disruptive technologies to the construction industry and engage people to reduce, reuse and recycle

RETEX vision is to recycle 10% of the textile waste in Europe and be the world-leading structural board’s producer

RETEX panels provide a number of advantages over wood and other types of panel products

    • 100% moisture and mold resistant
    • 100% fire-resistant
    • 100% recyclable at a later point in time
    • 100% eco-friendly
    • Can be used in ANY environment
    • All color & texture options are available