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Structural insulated panel made from a foam insulating layer with textile fibers between two Greenful panels.

Greenful SIP Panel

Greenful Panel SIP (structural insulated panel) is a sandwich panel made from a foam insulating layer with textile fibers between two Greenful Panel panels.

Greenful Panel SIP is used as wall panels for the modular construction of commercial buildings and homes. The panel is particularly well suited for colder climates with excellent insulation properties and has high strength for outer supporting walls.

Greenful Panel SIP replaces old fashioned wood frame construction that uses traditional fiberglass insulation.

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Greenful products

Greenful Panel

Robust load-bearing panel made from textile fibers and unique composite material. Ideal for internal and external construction.

Available in a wide variety of sizes. Fire-resistant shielding built-in.

Greenful SIP Panel

Structural panel offering a foam insulating Layer of textile fibers, sandwiched between two ‘Versa-tiles’ for extra insulating effect.

Perfectly adapted to colder climates. Idea for wall paneling.

Greenful Ecotile

Conglomerate material of textile fiber, tire rubber and plastic — shredded and mixed with glue to form thick tiles.

Replaces concrete, asphalt, bricks, wood, etc. Ideal for e.g. paving sidewalks, park grounds.

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