Greenful has the mission to significantly impact the level of textile waste on a global scale and to become an industry leader in waste reprocessing. To achieve this goal takes significant investment, in Europe alone Greenful plans to open 10 factories over 5 years requiring 450M EUR in financing. While we have discussions underway with major EU banks, funds and institutions, this is only part of the answer.

Greenful also needs the participation of private organizations and individuals who share our vision. If you or your organization share our goal of a world free from textile waste while creating a sustainable environment, please contact us. We have many ways for investors to participate in the business while at the same time helping the environment!

Greenful has selected KPMG as a strategic partner to

  • Structure the business
  • Support with the fundraising
  • Establish relationships with local governments
  • Manage international growth

Greenful represents a unique investment opportunity

  • An innovative, proven product with no direct competitors
  • Demonstrated customer demand as a sustainable product
  • The only fully recyclable product at it’s end of life
  • Only company that has a real impact on textile waste problem (500,000 tons/year)
  • Similar large impact on CO2: by NOT incinerating 500,000 tons textile waste / year saves 390,00 tons of CO2 / year from release into the air
  • Scalable across many countries
  • Profitable business generating significant returns for investors
  • Huge potential for more new products and a global reach

We are currently looking for  Loan and equity financing from sustainable investors to launch 10 factories with a total investment of € 450M

If our cause and mission resonates with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible mutually beneficial cooperation.

Michael Vasileff CFO